International Scientific-Technical Conference MANUFACTURING 2019

19-22.05.2019 Poznan, Poland

Session 3.1 – Enabling tools and education for Industry 4.0

1. Dario Antonelli and Khurshid Aliev, Analysis of cooperative industrial task execution by mobile and manipulator robots
2. Antonio Maffei, Eleonora Boffa and Cali Nuur, An ontological framework for the analysis of constructively aligned educational units
3. Paweł Litwin and Dorota Stadnicka, Computer Modelling and Simulation in Engineering Education: Intended Learning Outcomes Development
4. Teresa Taurino and Agostino Villa, A framework for SME performance evaluation (Dario Antonelli)
5. Vasiliki Liagkou and Chrysostomos Stylios, A case Study of a Virtual Training Environment
6. Vladimir Modrak, Zuzana Soltysova, Pavol Semanco, Pandian R. Sudhakara., Production Scheduling and Capacity Utilization in Terms of Mass Customized Manufacturing

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